Keira Knightley refuses to do nude scenes, was concerned because they’d land up on adult sites – hollywood

Keira Knightley refuses to do nude scenes

Actor Keira Knightley has stated that she has now launched a no-nudity clause in her contract, and has veto powers on each intercourse scene she seems in. Speaking to Financial Times, the actor stated that turning into a mom has modified her perspective on onscreen nudity.

“I’m really happy with my body. It’s done an amazing thing,” the actor, mom to two daughters, Edie, 4, and Delilah, 6 months, stated, and added, “But I also don’t want to stand there in front of a whole film crew.” She joked, “The nipples droop!”

Keira added, “I have been comfortable earlier with more nudity than I am now. I have had a kid, I am in my 30s, I am very happy with my body.” She talked about that an added concern was for the scene to land up, out of context, on an adult website. “You can take the whole thing and put it in a completely different thing, and it’s on some porn site.”

Keeping all this in thoughts, the actor stated that she has launched a no-nudity clause in her contract and that she has remaining approval over physique doubles and the way the scenes are edited. “That was a choice,” she stated. “I get to choose the body double. It is an interesting selection process! It kind of goes like, ‘That’s a little bit like you, but better. She has a lovely body, so she can do this’ … then I get final approval of what the edit is.”

Keira had beforehand spoken about how the scrutiny over her physique led to a psychological breakdown in 2007. “I tried being five pounds heavier, but then people say you have cellulite, and then five pounds lighter, and then you’re anorexic and causing people to die. It was just so much,” she’d stated in an interview.

The actor broke out with Bend it Like Beckham and went on to seem within the Star Wars prequels, and critically acclaimed movies akin to Atonement and Pride & Prejudice.

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