Tackling coronavirus: 5 ways South Korea sets an example – world news

South Korea the worst-hit countries by coronavirus outside China

South Korea witnessed a rapid surge in coronavirus cases and soon became one of the worst-hit countries outside China. Despite reporting over 7,000 cases, South Korea has succeeded in cutting down the number of infections and has reported one of the lowest coronavirus fatality rates in the world.

Here’s what India and other countries can learn from Moon-Jae-in’s leadership in tackling the coronavirus epidemic.

1. The South Korean authorities vigorously trace down the contacts of all those who tested positive for the virus.

2. The infected individuals would also be traced back to at least 14 days to understand the possible spread of the virus. The process would even include tracking credit card use, CCTV footage and mobile phone activity.

3. South Korea has been able to conduct a large number of diagnostic tests at a fast pace – an average of over 10,000 tests a day, reports news agency AFP.

4. The country has over 500 testing labs.

5. Just within weeks of coronavirus outbreak being reported in China, South Korea got newly-developed COVID-19 testing kits approved from the government for clinics across the nation.

Novel Corona Virus Cases

South Korea has reported over 7,000 confirmed cases of coronavirus and only 60 fatalities. The number of coronavirus cases in the country is fourth highest in the world – after China, Italy and Iran – but with just 60 deaths, its coronavirus fatality rate falls well below the World Health Organisation’s global average.

Masahiro Kami, head of the Tokyo-based Medical Governance Research Institute, told news agency AFP, “Testing is a crucial initial step to control the virus,” Kami said, adding: “It’s a good model for every country.”

Marylouise McLaws, epidemiologist and advisor to the World Health Organisation, said South Korea had “gone in hard and fast”, as opposed to Italy where she said the outbreak could have taken a different course if containment measures had been imposed earlier.

Italy, on the other hand, is being seen as the super spreader of coronavirus after China. In India, the maximum chunk of positive coronavirus cases either comprised of Italian tourists or those who had recently visited Italy and or coronavirus-affected hotspots.

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Wednesday said that situation in coronavirus hotspot Italy is now emerging as a “cause of great concern”.

“The steps in this regard have already been initiated. The challenge is growing by the day in Europe and we have to respond accordingly,” Jaishankar told the Rajya Sabha, adding that the government is ready to tackle the coronavirus challenge